Notivize can deliver SMS notifications with Twilio

Notivize can deliver SMS notifications with no configuration but if you want to use your existing Twilio account, just enter your Twilio details and you’ll be all set. It just takes a few seconds to set up.

Why would I use Twilio instead of the default SMS delivery method provided by Notivize?

Twilio offers branding options like a custom phone number from which to send your SMS notifications. Also if you’ve already purchased Twilio credits / subscriptions for other initiatives you can continue to make use of them.

How is Notivize different from Twilio?

Notivize is a solution that sits on top of message delivery systems. Think of us as the brain that tells services like Twilio when to deliver notifications and which notifications to send. We can do this without you having to write any code.

How does Notivize deliver SMS notifications?

Notivize uses Amazon SNS by default to send SMS notifications.