The AI copywriter and delivery platform forMobile Push

Create marketing messages and campaigns, and deliver to your audience via CSV upload or through the Notivize API.

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Notivize Supports AI Powered Content

Take the work out of your content workflow

  • Daily Message Ideas

    Browse topics, trends, and events tailored to your community's interests. Check your Notivize dashboard daily for new message ideas.

    Daily Inspiration provided by Notivize
  • AI Transformation

    Select an idea and transform it with our AI tools. One-click to rephrase, shorten, or lengthen copy to suit every delivery channel.

    Convert simple content to a full email or post.
  • Delivery

    Deliver with Notivize via email, social media, SMS, mobile push, Slack, or Discord. Or, cut and paste to wherever you like.

    Multiple Delivery Methods Available

An all-in-one AI copywriter and marketing communications delivery platform

Notivize generates the daily copy needed to support your app's customer messaging strategy. Write, polish, fit to your delivery channels, and insert variables to personalize your messages. Deliver messages and iterate without changing your production code.

Unblock writer's block

Did you know that successful product companies post high-quality content 3-5 times per week to keep their users coming back? That's a lot of customer messaging! Notivize uses AI to accelerate product teams through brainstorming, writing and delivering effective daily messages.

Start now with our AI Content Planner

We'll scan your brand online and, within seconds, we'll get you started with 10 message ideas you can deliver to your audience right away.

Integrate and Deliver

Notivize is a full delivery platform with out-of-the box delivery channels, a low-code messaging designer, and an easy integration with your app so you don't need to sign up for multiple services.

Channel Partners

Low-Code Message Designer

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API + Simple Snippets

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